About Us

Created from a familiar structure in 1971, the Exportembal is devoted to the manufacture of packings in wood of wooden unrolled.

It was the first company to introduce this product in Portugal. After the selection of poplars collected exclusively from our Portuguese forests, they are submitted to be unrolled and then to a semi-artisanal manufacture, natural drying and finally the packing.

We have a broad range of references to offer you to adapt to your necessities. A Exportembal is certified by Norma NP EN ISO 9001 and IQA (Instituto Qualidade Alimentar)" certificate nr. 17/DSCQ/C/2005.

Quality Policy

The EXPORTEMBAL aims, essentially, the satisfaction of its customers and collaborators and the quality of its products, pledging itself in a commitment to satisfy all the requirements, improving, continuously, the effectiveness of the system of the Management of Quality in accordance with the rules indicated in Norma NP EN ISO 9001.

 Quality certified